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Tall Womens Clothes and Resource Guide

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The tips found here are very economical. Many of my tips were discovered during my college and high school years when my shopping budget was extremely limited. If you have a desire to look good, a love of fashion, while at the same time know that it is smart not to go into debt for your fashion desires, use these tips.


    1. Tall women must embrace who we are!


In life, love as well as fashion “embracing who you are” is everything! As a tall woman you command attention, whether you want to or not. Your height screams “LOOK AT ME”; so ask yourself, what do I want people to see, self confident and secure or self conscious and insecure? To present self confidence and security, you must first accept who you are before you can expect anyone else to. Fashion only assists you in packaging the image you present; the core of your image is based on what you believe yourself to be. In the Where Do I Fit In section of my book “One Size Does Not Fit Tall - Tall Women’s Fashion Guide and Resource” I outline easy to follow steps for you to improve your internal self image, because your internal self image is always reflected externally. Basically, tall women and tall girls, you must know who you are, embrace who you are, but most importantly, LOVE who you are, and I promise, you will always be fashionable and in style.


    1. Length and Fit  - Pants/Jeans, Skirts, Shirts & Jackets


Length is a common theme tall women and tall girls deal with on every shopping experience. And fit is the theme ALL women deal with on every shopping experience, so tall women are unique in that we are concerned with two extreme components that can make or break on outfit. Basically, the style of an outfit does not matter at all if the length and fit are off. The Tips and Tricks for Creating the Length You Need section of “One Size Does Not Fit Tall - Tall Women’s Fashion Guide and Resource” details all of the ways you can obtain the length from your clothing. The solutions found in the book for getting the length you need in your clothing range from beginner to expert.


MAJOR TIP - A tall woman must have or become a good seamstress/tailor. This is so beneficial my friend. I have purchased a $30 blazer and had my tailor let out the sleeves and taper the waist, for the fee of $25, to create a $300 look. A good seamstress/tailor can create the right length and fit for you.



If you have tried on a pair of pants and you have decided that they would be perfect if only they were one-inch longer, check the hem, your inch may be found there. And If the pants have a cuff in them you may be able to uncover up to 3 inches (sometimes more).



Try men’s jeans to get the right length and then have your seamstress/tailor create the right fit. Remember off the rack jeans for men can be purchase for lengths up to 34 (and sometimes 36) inch inseam.



Options are plentiful in the skirt department, and depending on the occasion and your comfort you can wear anything from a micro-mini to an extra-long maxi length skirt. Most of the length options can be purchased off the rack.



A long sleeve shirt should touch your wrists, but for a quick off the rack solution look for a ¾ or short-sleeved shirts and sweaters. 



Your jacket sleeve should always touch your wrist, unless it is a ¾ length sleeve or short jacket. Look inside the sleeve hem to see if there is extra material. That extra material can be let out to give at least one inch to that jacket, coat or blazer sleeve. 


    1. Let’s face it, tall women shoes are large and most of the time expensive.

 Tall woman of 5’10 and above shoe size typically start at a size 10. Choosing the right shoe is extremely important, and that means the shoe most be the appropriate style, fabric, color, and fit. The shoe of choice must look good on you and work with the outfit. Unfortunately for us tall women and tall girls with a shoe size of 11 and greater, large size shoes tend to cost more, therefore, shoe maintenance is crucial and lucky for us very cheap. To maintain your expensive shoes routine heel repairs at your local shoe repair shop and good old fashion shoe polish will do the trick.


      1. Closet Stables - Keep it simple!
  • Keep it simple is a statement made by almost everyone to apply to almost everything. And that is because complexities tend to bring about confusion, disorder, misunderstands, and misinterpretations. In selecting your wardrobe the same holds true. Complexity could bring about chaos, and when you are a tall woman with minimal shopping alternatives, minimizing the chaos is always a goal.
  • Color Selection: Decide on a color palette and stick to it. This simplifies and streamlines your clothing options.
  • Don’t spend a lot of money when purchasing trendy items. They go out of style very quick and that item could become a waste of money. And who has money to waste?
  • Don’t buy it unless you already have a use for it.  
    1. Build a Relationship with your retailer’s salesperson

 When you have found a retailer that caters to you let that retailer know that you appreciate it and request that they keep items in stock for you. Retailers make their money through their repeat customers, and building this relationship implies that you will continue to frequent their establishment. Trust me this works, and you do not need to have a lot of money to establish yourself a repeat customer.  Just let the retailer know that you appreciate them and you plan to return in the future.

    1. Wardrobe Tips


Whether you are in need of a new wardrobe or updating the one you already have this information will be valuable to you. 


Wardrobe Basics

For those starting out or over and could only afford a few of items start by purchasing the wardrobe basics:

  • 1 Black pants
  • 1 Black skirt
  • 1 Jean
  • 1 Black Pump
  • Little Black Dress
  • 1 Black jacket
  • 2 long sleeve shirts (white & any color)
  • 1 cardigan,
  • 2 short sleeve shirts (any color)
  • Trench Coat
  •  It would be a bonus if you purchased the black pant, skirt and jacket in the same fabric from the same retailer. Sometimes these items are sold together as a three-piece suit. You will then have 2 suits plus three separates to easily combine with other items. By purchasing these items, than mixing and matching, you will have over 15 outfits to start with.


Wardrobe Building

So you have the budget to add to your wardrobe?  Well, you are one lucky tall woman or tall girl. I suggest that you not make a move until you have purchased my book “One Size Does Not Fit Tall - Tall Women’s Fashion Guide and Resource” in the Wardrobe and Shopping section I show you how to create a minimum of 110 outfits with the purchase of 21 items. That’s right over 110 outfits with various combinations of only 21 clothing items.


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