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Tall Women’s Clothes and Resource Guide

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Life in a large size shoe can sometimes be challenging. I wear a lady’s shoe size 11. I probably began wearing an 11 as early as 11 years old, but I like to say 12 years old.  Many shoe retailers now offer sizes 11 and 12 to their shoe shipment in selected styles, so don’t be afraid to ask your local shoe retailer for your size, you may be pleasantly surprised.  In the Clothing Issues and Options – Women’s Large Size Shoe section of One Size Does Not Fit Tall - Tall Women’s Fashion Guide and Resource”, I provide you with information on understanding your buying power when making a shoe purchase, as well as, give you great tricks for making your foot appear smaller.


Shoes – Finding a Good look & fit for Tall Women and Tall Girls

Look for retailers that specialize in Women’s large size shoes. See question 2 –“Where do I Find Women’s Large Size Shoes” of the F A Qs pages of this site.  You are provided with detailed information on where to find retailers that will carry your size.


If you shop at retailers that do not specialize in large size shoes but they sometimes carry large sizes in particular styles, build a relationship with that retailer’s salesperson. This is relationship allows for:


  • You to place special orders for shoes in your size that they may not otherwise carry
  • They will call you when new shipments arrive. This is a major bonus because these retailers tend to only stock 2 pairs of a size 10, and 1 pair of a size 11 & 12 in a given style, so you have to strike early.
  • If there is a particular shoe you are waiting for they will hold it for you.


I must emphasize, you do not need a lot of money to build this relationship. Remember, retailers make their money through their repeat customers, and building this relationship implies that you will continue to frequent their establishment.